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March 18, 2005

Random Question #1: When Playing Minesweeper...

... are you most frustrated when...

a) ... you accidentally click on the wrong square, losing the game?
b) ... you are forced into a situation where you have to guess, and choose the wrong square, losing the game?
c) ... you make a mistake of logic, losing the game?
d) ... you realize that you don't have Minesweeper installed on your computer and thus can't waste your time in this most frustrating of ways?

March 29, 2005

Random Question #2: You're tapping away...

You're tapping away at a forum post or email or somesuch in an application with no spellcheck. You want to use a word, but don't know how to spell it. Do you:

A) Use a different word that you do know how to spell.
B) Look up the word in an online dictionary.
C) Look up the word in a real world dictionary.
D) Open an program that does have spell check and type the word in there to check the spelling.
E) Never have this problem because you're such a good speller.

April 7, 2005

Random Question #3: You've Got Buddy Lists

You've got buddy lists for AIM and MSN and Y!M and ICQ and Skype and probably several other services, as well, and there are user names on the list that you can no longer associate with actual people. Their user profiles offer no clues. Do you:

A) Keep them there, because it might come to you eventually when you need to talk to them.
B) Keep them there, because it makes you look like you have a lot more friends that way.
C) Take them off, because you probably won't want to talk to them again anyway.
D) Message them and ask them who they are.
E) Something else entirely, because there's always some smartass who has to come up with an option I didn't think of in these polls.

August 26, 2005

Question of the Day: #4

You post an entry to your journal that requests action on the part of your readers, and then

a) Forget about it for a couple of days and come back and read the responses.
b) Check back on it whenever you're on the site checking your usual stuff like the Friends feed.
c) Check back on it fairly frequently in case there are questions for you to answer.
d) Obsessively reload the page every 10 minutes for the next 24 hours.

September 25, 2006

A co-worker has bad breath...

... like really, appallingly offensively bad breath. Do you:

a) Mock them for it loudly.
b) Take them quietly aside and tell them about it sincerely.
c) Send them an anonymous email about it.
d) Ask a manager to talk to them
e) Suffer.

October 1, 2006

Someone forwards you one of those chain emails...

... you know the ones. Send this to 12 people Jessica Mydeck's dog is going to die from the sulphates in Febreeze. Do you?

a) Reply, politely asking to be removed from their list.
b) Reply, sarcastically asking to be removed from their list.
c) Reply to all, including the obligatory debunking link from Snopes.
d) Forward it to all your friends.

October 9, 2006

Someone tells a racist joke... you and a group of friends. Do you:

a) Laugh if it was funny.
b) Conspicuously not laugh.
c) Call them on it in front of all your friends.
d) Call them on it later in private.

October 16, 2006

People who choose online nicks...

...that reflect their relationship with someone else (bobbysmom, theotherhalfofdoug, momofthree) are:

a) highlighting what's important in their lives.
b) incapable of defining themselves as an individual
c) uncreative, and just using whatever random thing came to mind

October 23, 2006

You have a few minutes free...

...between meetings. Do you:

a) check your work email
b) check your personal email
c) surf the web
d) chat with a co-worker who is actually in the same room as you
e) chat with someone on IM
f) try to do something productive

October 30, 2006

You get to pick...

One Star Trek technology. You choose:

a) Transporter
b) Holodeck
c) Food replicator
d) Doors that make that wooshing noise

November 6, 2006

You get to pick...

...something entirely different. Star Wars tech! Choose:

a) a droid
b) a lightsaber
c) a landspeeder
d) a death star

November 20, 2006

The one true Bond...


a) Sean
b) Roger
c) George
d) Timothy
e) Pierce
f) Daniel

December 4, 2006

Welcome back, 1955

An unanswerable question from a consumer survey of all places:

It is important that women should have a career outside of the home.
a) Strongly agree
b) Agree
c) Neither agree nor disagree
d) Disagree
e) Strongly disagree

I find a lot of questions like this on opinion surveys - ones for which I could pick an answer and have it vaguely approximate my feelings, but know that it's subject to extreme misinterpretation - that my reasons for choosing the answer would not be the same as the reason is was offered as an option.

April 2, 2007

Question of the Day

Based on a conversation I had with SadieKate, I present today's semi-philosophical question of the day. Would you rather die:

a) from something that was your fault (in an avalanche while skiing off-piste, or such)
b) from something that was totally not your fault (say, having the roof of a tunnel crash down on your head whilst driving through it)

February 13, 2008

Unanswering Machine

If someone leaves a voicemail or answering machine message which is very clearly a wrong number. Do you call them back:

A) Most of the time -- I want them to know their call didn't reach the right person.
B) If it sounded really important, like they thought they were leaving a message for their doctor or something.
C) Never -- it's not my problem they can't dial.

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