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November 3, 2010

I didn't knit this!

I made my machine knit something. And it mostly doesn't suck!

I've been hand-knitting my stripey baby sweaters for years -- I've done at least 8 of them, possibly more. And I thought it'd be an ideal project to work on the machine, as well, especially as I was quite familiar with it.

This is the yarn, some cream, some green.


I started out by casting on with waste yarn. Bright orange waste yarn. So there's be no doubt which was the waste yarn, and which wasn't.


And I made some progress, and the stripes were not a problem at all, right up until they were. Oops.


I fixed that. And then I screwed it up again two rows later, and wasn't up to fixing it again, so I pulled it out and started again. It went better the second time around. I got the sleeve done.


And then, with some difficulty, I figured out how to add stitches and cast on the extra stitches for the front.


And some more for the back, which proved even more annoying than the front. I really need to think through where I want my needles before I do things. And really, really think them through, not just sort of guess.


I rejoined it all together to finish the rest of the body. Then I had to figure out how to knit just the sleeve stitches. Which was, I might add, also a giant pain.


But then, finally, it was done. For values of done that included, you know, not really, but all the stockinette was done anyway.


First I had to take a sleeve off to fix a teeny tiny missing row in the pattern. It's a good thing I bought a *lot* of KnitPicks interchangeable wires.


And then I grafted it back together. And grafted the sides. And sewed the sleeves.


And finally, I hand-knit all the ribbing. I suspect this is cheating in machine-knitting terms. But machine knitting is cheating in hand-knitting terms, so I figure it's even odds either way.

Here's the final product:




One down. Two more to go.

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