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February 13, 2008

Unanswering Machine

If someone leaves a voicemail or answering machine message which is very clearly a wrong number. Do you call them back:

A) Most of the time -- I want them to know their call didn't reach the right person.
B) If it sounded really important, like they thought they were leaving a message for their doctor or something.
C) Never -- it's not my problem they can't dial.

February 15, 2008

Dear DJ

Dear DJs, Music Directors, Station Manager, Receptionist and anyone else who works at Country 95.3 and could, at any point, have said 'Hey, that's a stupid idea!' but didn't.

I can understand the attraction of a feature called 'Legends of Country Music'. You get to tell a neat story about an artist. You get to play a catalogue track without anyone complaining that it's old, since that's the point. You get to mention Country95.3 an average of 95.3 times during the intro. You get to record the intros in advance so you get something that sounds like a live DJ while your actual DJ is getting a blowjob from the nearest indy promoter. All very good reasons for introducing such a feature.

But really, Kenny Chesney?


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