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November 1, 2006

Updated WW Fic

I've done a quick update to my West Wing Fic and put a draft up on the web since writer's workshop is tonight. I'd still welcome more comments and such, since I kind of like this bit, and would like to keep working on it.

You can read the whole thing in HTML or in a much more nicely formatted PDF. If you want to comment, directly, you can still ask to be added to the Google doc.

November 6, 2006

You get to pick...

...something entirely different. Star Wars tech! Choose:

a) a droid
b) a lightsaber
c) a landspeeder
d) a death star

November 14, 2006

Dolce Gelateria

It's Food Tuesday on Acho Que Não! (Did you know Tuesdays were dedicated to food? As opposed, to say, dedicated to being left blank most of the time like all the other days? That's the theory, anyway.) And while I have some older restaurant visits to write about, I want to take this week to talk about everyone's favourite winter treat: Ice Cream!

First of all, I was incredibly excited to discover that La Paloma, the stalwart gelateria of the St. Clair Italian strip, has followed the Italian migration up to Woodbridge and opened a branch in the otherwise uninteresting Vaughn Mills mega-mall. So while a medium dish of ice cream will still set you back $6, the chance of it being accompanied by a $30 parking ticket is drastically reduced. It's not very accessable for the downtown crowd, but we of the suburban wastelands are thrilled.

Back down in more traditional gelato territory, there's a somewhat new spot on College. Dolce offers a nice selection of both water and milk based flavours, all with richness and intensity and none suffering from the sickly sweetness that sometimes overwhelms gelato.

Behind the counter is owner Ivonne Ramirez, and she's justifiably proud of the product she's dishing up. She was happy to offer multiple tastes and nothing disappointed.

Hazelnut Donatella is something I only sampled after I'd already had my flavours scooped, but it's going to be my reason to go back all on its own. I stole bites of mango from others at my table was struck by the intensity and authenticity of the flavour - frozen chunks of mango don't approach the level of mangoness this gelato displayed. Rather than cloying and heavy, as most chocolates are, Dolce's is light and frothy, almost mousse-like with a touch of bitterness.

My favourite, though, of the many varieties we tried was Limone. With the creamy, fluffy consistency of meringue and the sharp tartness of lemon curd, it was like lemon meringue pie in a singly scoop. Truly a delight.

The usual coffees are available, along with some great hot chocolate. Pastries mainly look to be from Dufflet, so they're probably good, but the same as you can get in 10 other places on College St. For the lunch crowd, there are some nice looking sandwiches available.

Prices were reasonable compared with, say, La Paloma, with a larger dish for a smaller price, at $5.75 for 3 flavours.

Dolce blends the perfect textures of La Paloma with the intense flavours of Soma (though, sadly, no cassis option) into a truly excellent product.

Restaurant Info:

Dolce Gelato

697 College St.

Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-915-0756

November 20, 2006

The one true Bond...


a) Sean
b) Roger
c) George
d) Timothy
e) Pierce
f) Daniel

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