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March 20, 2006

Bingo, Donkey, VEGAS, BABY!

I should probably do a Vegas post, eh?

My flight to Vegas was horrifyingly jammed full of people, but at least it was a WestJet flight, so it there weren't another 10 pissed off people who didn't get on the plane. I expected serious traffic since it was a Friday, and there'd been a couple of major accidents already by the time I was on my way home from work, but they were all in the other direction from where I was going, and apparently kept enough traffic back behind them that the highway was clear to the airport. So I was at the airport close to 2 and a half hours before my flight. That was okay, though, because I'd expected a seriously busy airport since it was a) Friday night and b) the last day before Spring Break, but then there was almost no one at the WestJet counter (and the few who were there disappeared when I pointed out it was for US check-ins only), and absolutely no one at all at Customs. It was a non-line, a negative line, there were customs and immigrations agents sitting around *waiting* for people to come through. So, after the briefest airport check-in/customs/security run ever, I had a little over 2 hours to kill before the flight. Thank heavens for knitting. Knitting and $12 sandwiches.

Got to Vegas fairly late, and was worried that I might be holding up Jan and Sal but they were still waiting for their rental car, so I walked over to the other terminal and found them ... still waiting for their rental car. Then Jan wandered off and found the twin cities contingent and brought them back to where Sal was ... still waiting for their rental car. After that, we stood around and chatted ... still waiting for the rental car. Finally they came up with a rental car and we shlepped off to the lot with the the surrealist rental bus driver.

A circle or two around the rental car lot finally led us to where we needed to go - Cameloot West. I didn't stay long as I was staying in Satellite of Love(I prefer to think of it as Fort Majeure) which was lined up for whatever old fogies didn't want to be in the all night party place. That turned out to be just me and Ghoti, but hey, whatever, I'm a party-pooper and I know it, clap your hands.

Saturday morning was breakfast catered courtesy Ghoti and Burr, followed by an afternoon that seemed to mostly be spent deciding where to have dinner (all really good vacations consist primarily of deciding where to eat next). We ended up at the Bellagio buffet, which was hit and miss in that buffet sort of way, but more hit than miss.

I had a total moment of braindeath when Zylphryx arrived at buffet. He looks soooo much like Penn it's scary, and I was all like 'Wow! A celebrity!', apparently having forgotten meeting him the night before.

After dinner was Tom Jones, the sexbomb himself. There was much screaming and throwing of underwear (but not mine, I was wearing the YHY undies and throwing them would have been a sacrilege). It was entirely too Vegas for words.

Sunday and Monday were a bit of a blur in terms of what we did during the day. I know the guys went and played Poker one day (Go Barrister! It's your Birthday! Okay not really! But it was Burr & (uh, I'm not clear what we are/were supposed to be calling Jeff)'s Birthday!), and I watched Leeeeeeemur and Fish play craps for awhile. And wandered around NYNY with Burr and Rose and Barr. Also, there was Sushi on Monday night courtesy of Zyl and Barr and their winnings. Such surrealist rolls as Tastes Like My Ex-Girlfriend made an appearance and were consumed, along with mochi ice cream that was divine. Also we drove out to Red Rocks and founded the Cult of the Red Mountain one day. Monday? Maybe?

Then on Tuesday, we hung around Luxor and Mandalay Bay for awhile after we checked out of Cameloot-West. Everybody left before me, except Rose & Burr who had tickets to Zumanity so were busy. That left me with a free evening by myself, so I figured it was high time to get rid of the dead hooker. A short cab ride off the strip and that was taken care of, and then all there was left was to throw my last USD12 into a slot machine at the airport and make the trip home. It was a red-eye, so I spent all day Wednesday sleeping.

I'll probably get my sleep patterns resorted back to normal any day now.

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