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January 9, 2006

Wow. Just wow.

I went into the gym today for the first time in several months, feeling kind of guilty because it was the first time in several months. Not only have I not been exercising, i've been paying $42.70 a month to not exercise.

Dionne, the owner of the Curves franchise, was working the floor when I came in, and she rushed out for a hug, replaced my lost keytag, and then put my membership on a billing hold for 2 months. I was shocked.

I've gone to gyms before that will happily charge you membership fees for years without you showing up. Gyms where you have to fight to maybe get a deferral if you break a leg and can't go for months at a time. Gyms where their whole business model is based around the assumption that most of their clients will never show up.

I've never been to a gym where, after you've been gone for awhile, says, when you get back, 'Oh, hey, you've been paying and not coming for a few months, so why don't I let you come and not pay for a few to make up for that?'

Despite whatever other problems they might have, there are some things I really love about Curves.

January 30, 2006

Huh. Who'd've thunk?

I had to deal with 3 different kinds of tech support today.

First, I needed Bell to fix my phone lines, which have been broken since yesterday.
Second, I needed D-Link to help me configure my new wireless router, which wasn't connecting to my DSL provider.
Third, I needed IBM's internal help desk to help me configure my VPN client to work over the wireless connection.

All three service providers proved eminently competent, fixing the problems without making me feel stupid or annoyed at any point in the process.

I expect the fourth horseman will be along shortly.

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