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November 1, 2005


The provincial government has these very helpful electronic signs up on the highway. They tell you how traffic is, and if there are any road closures, and when not otherwise needed, remind you to buckle up and not drink and drive, and such.

Last night, the road sign on the 404 just before the exit to the 401 was helpfully pointing out that one lane was closed in the 401 express beyond Yonge. "Great!" I thought, "I'll have to take the Collectors then."

What the very helpful sign was neglecting to mention, however, was that the entire exit from the 404 to the 401 was being repaved, and thus it wasn't even possible to get from where I was to where the lane was closed.

By the time I discovered the exit closure, it was too late to take a different, more useful exit, and ended up having to go a couple of exits south, drive around on the city streets for 10 minutes to get back North and only then get on the highway, well past the point where the lane was closed.


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