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May 12, 2005


Nothing brings me greater joy than hatching season here at 14th Avenue. It's the only thing about working in this building that I don't hate, despite knowing that 3 months from now, those are going to be grown up geese and I am going to be afraid of them.

Little, itty, bitty, baby, fluffy, puffy, yellow geesies. They're so cute. There's a third nest of them up and about since yesterday, which brings the total to 11. The first nest of 4 is already getting big, and starting to darken up. When I first saw the group of 3, I thought maybe one of the two nests of 4 had lost one, and I was sad, but then I went around the corner, and there was the other nest of four.

Now all we have to do is stop Apple from stealing our geesies like they did last year. Hrmmph.

May 16, 2005

Sad Goosie update

One of the flocks of four goosies is down to 2, and the flock of 7 is down to 6. One of the fours was missing entirely this morning, but I suspect I just didn't see them. We were up to 19 little baby goosies on Friday, but it looks like probably 16 now.

May 18, 2005

Mean Goosie Update

The little goosies were all nowhere to be seen this morning, but the big geese were out and about, and in a cranky sort of mood. Two of them were trying to run another pair off of the grass strip between one of the parking lots and the road. Much hissing and flapping and chasing and flying ensued, unfortunately, while I was trying to walk by on the road.

I'm scared of the big geese. I like the little cute fluffy ones, but the big ones are just big, mean birds and they frighten me. When I was 7 or 8, I got attacked by one of my uncle's roosters, and there was blood and trauma and it was horrible and then we cut its head off so there was more blood and more trauma, and now I just don't cope well with very large birds. Especially not very large birds that are agitated and in full on attack mode only a few feet away from me.

May 22, 2005

I do not know why I do these things to myself...

I have an overactive imagination, and also a social anxiety over talking to people on the phone. Between the two, I can create a great deal of angst where none has previously existed.

Take for example, my hotel reservations for Twangfest. I called and booked a room, a double room, as it happens, because they didn't have any other kind set aside for attendees. That was fairly traumatic, because I don't do phones, but I managed to deal with it at a point where not having reserved and paid for travel plans was probably going to result in the cancellation of my vacation.

Then I went and found myself some roommates, because, after all, I don't need a whole double room all to myself, and I'd rather not pay for it, either. I knew I needed to phone (social anxiety alert!) and add all of those names to the reservation so that they could check in if they got there before me, but somehow I took a small throwaway comment I made on the first phone call - about really only needing a single - and (overactive imagination alert!) built it up into a nightmare scenario in which they had moved me to a single without telling me and there wasn't room for all of the people I'd promised space to. I'd even imagined in my head all the things I would have to do (and they all involved more phone calls) to get them reservations in other hotels, and the tearful, apologetic emails that I would write to them trying to make up for my screw-up. The more I put off the dreaded phone call, the worse the scenario I was imagining became, thus encouraging me to put off the phone call even more.

I finally phoned this morning, and, of course, everything was perfectly fine, they added the names to the reservation, and other than the operator apparently being either deaf or stupid, all went well.

So, basically, I've been stressing myself out for three weeks over problems that I made up in my head. Because, apparently, I don't have enough problems in real life to worry about.

May 25, 2005

Goosies on parade!

I came into the back of the office around 2:30 this afternoon because I'd been at the other office for a meeting, and saw that the grounds crew was out mowing around the pond. Figured I'd be out of luck on geesie sightings because no doubt they'd have been driven away by the crew.

But then I drove around the corner of the pond and they were *all* there, wandering across the parking lot towards the grass between the warehouse modules. A whole little line of baby geesies. It took them 2 or 3 minutes to cross the street, and I couldn't get past them, so I got to just sit there and watch them be cute.

The first ones were the oldest four that were born nearly a week before the others, and they are pretty much entirely grey now. Then there were a couple more families all strung out in a line, and at the end, the family with 6 geesies (used to be 7). One of the remaining 6 is a clear runt of the litter. While the others are growing pretty well, the last one is only half the size they are now, and doesn't appear to have grown at all since last week. I feel bad for the poor thing, since I have no doubt at all that it's not going to make it. It's the smallest, fluffiest and cutest of the bunch right now, and I'll probably cry the day I come in and its gone.

More Goosies!

When I left the office today, there was a brood of 8 baby geese with 2 adults sitting just outside the door of the office. I can't figure out where the 8 could have come from. The group of six, one of four and the three were all on the middle lawn. That leaves only five others, so it couldn't have been a mix of two groups.

I suppose they might be new, they were pretty young. 8 new goosies would be nice!

May 28, 2005

If pride is a sin, then I am a sinner...

15 years or so ago, I joined a Toastmasters Youth Leadership program - a public speaking and communications program aimed at high school students with potential. It changed a lot of things about my life. Learning to speak in public, and to be confident about expressing ideas and opinions was a real gift, and it opened up a lot more opportunities for me. I fully attribute the year I spent in Brazil to my Toastmasters experiences. It was my confidence in the interviews and speeches that won over the Rotary selection committee that sent me (err, and my nepotistic friendship with most of them, but I like to think it was my qualifications).

Sitting on that stage today, watching those kids, thinking back and looking forward, I was nearly in tears. I was so proud of the things that they had accomplished in just a few short weeks. I'm so proud of the things that I know they *will* accomplish, because they are all shining kids, destined to do brilliant things in their lives. And I'm proud of the things I've accomplished, as well.

I only wish there was an opportunity to see them all again, to know that they've taken the gift and used it. I know they will, but it would sure be nice to know they did.

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