White-White Cutlass Blankie

The Kniterati proudly present the blankie every swordfighter needs to console themselves when they lose in the big tournament:

As with all drop patterns, the blankie consists of a number of blocks.

From the flashing needles of our Proud Looterata, Madam, come the red blocks, full of skull daggery goodness:

With all the grace and elegance typical of our the former First Lady of Jorvik Island, and all the dash you'd expect of a Secret Agent, Lemur prepared the green blocks:

Pulling double duty, as Elder Cod and Token Canadian, and also as creator of both the blue and yellow blocks, Jacquilynne:

Binding the whole thing together is an elegant golden rope, just like the ones you learned about on the Pollywog:

The Cutlass Blankie was knit using Butterfly Super10 cotton in Frankly Scarlet Red, Kelly Green, Cobalt Blue, Canary Yellow and Gold. The sword patterns were done with a knit-purl texturing pattern designed by Jacquilynne. The texture graphs are available in OpenOffice or Microsoft Excel formats.